[Medienkomponist] William E. Audio - Modern-Retro Musik und Sound Effekte

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  • [Medienkomponist] William E. Audio - Modern-Retro Musik und Sound Effekte


    Composer & Sound Designer for Games and Animated Media

    Game Audio Reel 2019(YouTube):

    Music and sound can tranform your game or animated media into a fully immersive experience that addresses all human senses. I strive to design my audio in a way that will catch your audience emotionally and draws them into the experience you created.

    My name is Alex "Wiliam E." Gleich and I'm a composer, songwriter and sound designer from Germany. My work is deeply rooted in the belief that melodies have to be simple but catchy and memorable. Yet I create music and sound effects which are modern but still familiar, combining the art of variation of melodies with modern sounding instruments and a pristine audio quality.

    What I can do for you
    • Music Composition
    • Sound Design & Implementation
    • Help, Talks & Education
    • Session Musician

    I'm looking forward to hear about your ongoing or future creative projects. Hit me up when you already want to hire a composer/game audio guy, ask for rates, or request a free demo track or anything else!
    Just email me at alex@weaudio.de



    Music in different styles, testimonals, full credits of all stuff I've worked on so far.